NEW Stage to Voice on School Discipline Reform

NEW Platform. NEW Stage.
For Voice, Help, Reform on School Discipline Empowers Communities to Advocate
for a More Nurturing and Fair K-12 Public School System Nationwide


RALEIGH, NC, April 18, 2016 – uCANcomplain, Inc., an organization committed to the reform of public school discipline, as well as advocacy of restorative practices and fair treatments on students, announced today the launch of its new innovative online platform:

Surely, there are many other advocates championing similar causes. However, uCANcomplain maintains the only platform devoted to the issue of public school discipline AND its reform actively, constructively and collectively with a public forum to benefit students across the country.

The key mission of the website is to help parents and educators foster positive solutions to school discipline. This means a major overhaul on the current disciplinary practices in most public schools on policies related to suspension, expulsion, zero-tolerance policy, school-to-prison pipeline, and bullying.

The initiative has a four-part A.B.C.D. mission: Advocate disciplinary alternatives; Boost positive student behaviors; Challenge bureaucracy; and Demand transparency and accountability in the U.S. public school system.

Resources available on the website include: challenges all concerned citizens, including parents, students and educators, to vocalize about school discipline, and advocate for a more constructive methodology for dealing with misbehaving and disruptive students. With such, uCANcomplain aims to minimize or eradicate suspensions, expulsions, zero-tolerance policies, and school-to-prison pipeline – in favor of a proven and more restorative approach.

“Every child is entitled to quality education in America,” said Shirley Tang, a former educator and founder of uCANcomplain, Inc. “Yet, children are often deprived of such due to wrongful or unjust school disciplines. Given the right guidance and resources, children CAN thrive and become responsible individuals without their future being tarnished or ruined by harsh suspensions, expulsions, and arrests.” tackles a myriad of issues and emphasizes the importance of taking constructive actions. Members of the uCAN community can participate in any of the platform’s three You-Be Series: “You Be the Reporter,” “You Be the Complainer” and “You Be the Advocate.” Additional series will be launched onward to drive actions and create solutions.

“ALL children matter. Together, we CAN reform, and build a better future for our children as well as a better world for ourselves,” Tang said.


Shirley Tang
uCANcomplain, Inc.

Shirley Tang

About the author

Shirley Tang has devoted her life to students’ success. Drawn from personal experience, she founded uCANcomplain – an organization and platform that helps parents with children facing peer/adult bullying and discrimination in K-12 public schools. Shirley is an Educational and Civil Rights Advocate, a Mentor, Journalist, Policy Watchdog for the local community, and Former Educator. Her passion is to empower parents and students in seeking their voice, truth, redress, and school accountability. Shirley’s goal is to equip students for success by ensuring they receive a sound education and equitable opportunities.