Akiba Byrd, M. Ed. — Executive Director of NC Fair Share CDC, Raleigh, NC

Shirley Tang is a fierce advocate for students and families in this fight against the school to prison pipeline. The name uCANcomplain alone says a lot and she has the courage to back it up. These days it truly takes a village to deal with all of the potential forces that work against our children’s success. So glad that Shirley and uCANcomplain is out here fighting on our side**!

**Shirley: “I am on the side of fighting for the welfare of our children. Because no one, especially children, deserves to be treated unfairly, and no one, especially children, should suffer in silence.”

NCFSCDC mission: to provide a vehicle of change for struggling community members that combine leadership identification and cultivation, community organizing and interdependent community development to address current issues and systemic problems of North Carolina.         https://www.facebook.com/NorthCarolinaFairShare/

Geraldine Alshamy — Social Justice Minister, Founder of Mary Magdalene Ministry, Wake Collaborative to Stop Bullying and Youth Violence, Raleigh, NC

It amazes me that hundreds and thousands of children are emotionally and psychologically damaged in the schools through both intentional and unintentional bias and discrimination and so little is said. Adults are Bullies too! Thank you Shirley Tang and uCANcomplain. Seems the only way to hold people accountable is to make their bullying public.


Genie Medeiros — Product Manager, Co-Founder of Kwirk Software Inc., Canada

From a watching Canadian — I really like this site and think it’s time for parents to be more accountable for their children. It’s the parent’s job to stand up for their child’s rights and be their voice when need be and Shirley is doing just that. If parents are not present they can not keep teachers and schools accountable. Great work “U Can Complain” and I do hope parents can come together and fight for their Children’s rights, education and protection!


L.W.R. — Educational Consultant and Advocate, Raleigh, NC

Education is political. Education is a business. It is a bureaucracy that can become stressful to wrestle. As the guarantee of the current US Department of Education becomes entangled with more Civil Rights cases regarding education, many students and families are failed for justice. uCANcomplainBlog.com offers a platform to expose the truth and tell your story. Sharing stories is a catharsis for parents, students, teachers, and advocates.

uCANcomplainBlog.com provides resources as well as the opportunity to let the world know about the injustice in hope that the issue will receive the attention it deserves and arrive to a fair resolution. Tang has birthed a creative, unique and much needed environment offering resources and support in the face of demonic injustice which should never be present in education.

Shirley supported us – a small group of parents and students – as we sought answers for questionable acts that stemmed from a school election vote went wrong. Her additional probing questions and relentless dedication to justice are remarkable. Tang’s intuitiveness and investigative journalistic skill-set have shone through and shed light on a grave issue in search of truth.

Craston Artis — former Chairperson, Community Equity Leadership Team; former Teacher; Education Consultant; Equity Advocate, Raleigh, NC

Shirley has been instrumental to the work of the Community Equity Leadership Team (CELT). Our mission has been to build a coalition of equity-focused individuals and organizations pushing the Wake County School System to address the needs of all students. Shirley has worked with parents collecting their stories and supporting other grassroots initiatives. As CELT has shifted towards policy development she has helped us remain mission consistent. Her input and passion is well recognized and appreciated.